• Computer Lab Location and Overview
    1.    The computer labs of the Center are located on the third and the fifth floors of the Audiovisual Building.
    2.    The Center administers five computer labs (F305, F308, F501, F503 and F506, with a total of about 240 personal computers) for classes. These labs are also available for classes, activities, computer tests, or other occasions given by on-campus and off-campus divisions.
    3.    The computer lab given open access to computers is Room F502 on the fifth floor. There are 14 personal computers, and if more computers are needed, other computer labs can be opened for use.

  • Opening Hours

      3F Computer lab 5F Computer lab F502 Open Access to Computers
    Weekdays during the semester
    (Monday to Friday)
    08:00-17:30 08:00-21:40 08:00-21:40
    Weekends during the semester
    (Saturday )
    X 09:00-17:00 09:00-17:00
    Long weekends including in statutory holidays X X X
    Opening hours for summer and winter breaks To be announced separately To be announced separately To be announced separately

  • The computer labs are opened to the following individuals.

    1.    NTUE faculty, staff, students, and maintenance workers: Please voluntarily display your NTUE employee badge, NTUE student ID card or NTUE alumni card for validation before using the computer.
    2.    Approved non-school divisions.

Computer Lab Equipment List

Lab Quantity CPU Graphic Card RAM LCD Broadcast System Projector Build
F305 51 Intel i7-6700 3.4GHz Nvidia GT 730 16GB 22" Hardware O 2016
F308 51 Intel i7-7700 3.6GHz AMD Radeon R7 450 16GB 22" Hardware O 2017
F501 52 Intel i7-8700 3.2GHz Intel HD Graphic 16GB 22" Hardware O 2019
F503 45 Intel Core i5 3.0GHz AMD Radeon Pro 555 16GB 21.5" Software O 2018
F506 51 Intel i5-4590T 2.0GHz Intel HD Graphic 8GB 19" Software O 2015
F502 14 Intel i5-7500 3.4GHz Intel HD Graphic 8GB 22" X X 2018


Computer Lab Software

Lab operating system Application
F305 Windows 10 x64+OFFICE 2019+Application Application Query
(Intranet Only)
F308 Windows 10 x64+OFFICE 2019+Application
F501 Windows 10 x64+OFFICE 2019+Application
F503 MacOS+Application
Windows 10 x64+OFFICE 2019+Application
F506 Windows 10 x64+OFFICE 2019+Application
F502 Windows 10 x64+OFFICE 2019+Application