How to Use Wireless Network in Our University

Currently, the main buildings in the university have been equipped with wireless network, with the wireless network coverage rate up to 100% inside the buildings.
Turn on the wireless network function to detect the wireless network signal on campus; then click the wireless network signal named "NTUE-Wireless".

After connected, on the browser's first page, enter the account and password:
1.    Staff: use the account number with the tea email address, the email password for the login password (Ex: account:
2.    NTUE Students: Login with "Student Number / ID Number", the English letter in the ID number must be capitalized.
3.    International Students: Login with "Student Number / Date of Birth", (Ex: 19970827)

※ If roaming in another campus, students can only use "Email Address / Email Password" to login.
Please enter the e-mail account assigned by NTUE (full address after @ is required) with the password (default is ID number, English letters capitalized. The default password of International student is Date of birth.)
Undergraduate Students : s+student
Graduate Students: g+student
In-Service Training Courses: a+student