Chief Director
Tel:83456 / #55529(Lab)

Job Responsibilities:
Integrated business regarding computer and network.

Job Responsibilities:
• e-Learning Platform Support
• Maintenance Services for Academic and Student Affairs Systems
• Single Sign-On and Administration Systems Support

Tel:82901(Miss Hu)、83458(Miss Chen)、82905(Miss Chen)、83351(Division Director Mr. Yin)

Job Responsibilities:
•Campus Network Maintenance
•Dormitory Network Maintenance
•Email Administration

Tel:82902(Mr. Hsu)、83461(Miss Hsu)、83461(Miss Yang)

Job Responsibilities:
•Educational Training
•Computer Classroom Management and Reservations
•Consultation on Microsoft Windows Operating System and Office Suite

Tel:82912(Mr. Liu)、83460(Mr. Wang)、83459(Division Director Miss Hsu)