National Taipei University of Education (NTUE) Campus Network Usage Provisions

Article 1
To regulate the use of the internet/network on campus for information education and learning purposes and to foster the concept of regulatory compliance, NTUE sets up the provisions here in accordance with the Ministry of Education's 90 Dian Chuang Zih No. 184016 "MOE Terms of Use for Campus Internet/Network".

Article 2
To effectively implement the campus internet/network usage provisions, NTUE sets up the Information Consultation Committee of 7 to 11 committee members. The committee members are NTUE teachers appointed by the President. The Vice President is the chairperson, while the Dean of Academic Affairs, Dean of Student Affairs, Dean of General Affairs, and Director of Computer and Information Network Center are the ex officio committee members. The Committee is responsible for the following matters:
(1) Assisting NTUE in handling internet/network related legal issues;
(2) Adopting appropriate measures for NTUE internet/network security;
(3) Guiding internet/network users to correctly use internet/network resources and to comply with internet/network related laws, regulations, and etiquette;
(4) Other internet/network use related matters.

Article 3
The internet/network administrators and the users should respect intellectual property rights and avoid the following behavior breaching intellectual property rights.
(1) Using unlicensed computer programs;
(2) Downloading or copying copyrighted works illegally;
(3) Uploading copyrighted works onto the internet for public access without copyrighters' permission;
(4) Reproducing texts posted on BBS or any online forums but their authors have clearly stated no reprint allowed;
(5) Setting up a website for the public to illegally download copyrighted works;
(6) Being involved in any activities breaching intellectual property rights.

Article 4
No behavior below is allowed when using the internet/network:
(1) Disseminating computer virus or other programs interfering with or damaging system functions;
(2) Arbitrarily accessing information transmitted on the internet/network;
(3) Cracking, stealing, or falsely using other people's accounts or passwords, accessing internet resources unauthorized, or revealing other people's accounts or passwords arbitrarily;
(4) Arbitrarily lending one's account to other people;
(5) Hiding one's account or using a false account, unless it is authorized to be anonymous;
(6) Spying other people's emails or files;
(7) Abusing internet/network resources by any means, including sending SPAM mails, chain mails, or useless messages, causing mailbox overflow, stealing resources, or engaging in any activities affecting the normal operation of the system;
(8) Using emails, online chatting, BBS, or other media for frauds, defamation, insults, obscenity, harassments, intimidation, illegal software trading, or dissemination of messages violating the school rules or laws;
(9) Using NTUE's internet/network resources for non-teaching or non-research activities or illegal activities.

Article 5
The Information Consultation Committee should supervise the network administrators implementing the following administrative matters:
(1) Assisting internet users in setting up a self-disciplinary system;
(2) Appropriately segmenting and controlling network traffic;
(3) Suspending the internet/network access of people who breach the provisions or affect the normal operation of the network;
(4) Assigning specific personnel (NTUE faculty, staff, or work students) to be in charge of administering and maintaining the NTUE website, including the BBS forums (those without an administrator should be closed).
(5) For internet users breaching the rules, the administrators should delete their posts on the NTUE website (including BBS forums) or suspend their access to the network. If the breaching of the school provisions or laws is serious, refer to the school for disposal.
(6) Other campus internet/network administration related matters.
Users discovering any flaws in the system should immediately notify the network administration division.

Article 6
To respect other people's privacy on the internet, it is prohibited to arbitrarily spy on the personal information of others or to infringe other people's privacy. The following conditions are not subject to the above rules but to be handled by the Student Affairs Division together with the Computer and Information Network Center:
(1) To maintain or inspect system security;
(2) To obtain proofs of or investigate inappropriate behavior breaching school regulations based on available and reasonable evidence;
(3) To cooperate with an judicial organ for investigation;
(4) To carry out any actions in accordance with laws and regulations.

Article 7
Any network administrator or user breaching these regulations will be subject to the following penalties:
(1) Their access to network resources will be suspended;
(2) They will be subject to school disciplinary actions, including warnings, public disclosure, or other penalties according to the guidelines on merits and demerits.
For those subject to the two rules above, if there are other illegal actions involved, they will also be liable to the Civil Code, the Criminal Code, the Copyright Act or other related laws and provisions.

Article 8
For NTUE staff, faculty, and students subject to the disciplinary action due to breaching these regulations, they can make an appeal through appropriate channels.

Article 9
For those carrying out network administration and maintenance work well, they will be awarded according to related procedure.

Article 10
After the provisions are passed by the executive meetings, the president is requested to announce the implementation of the provisions and the same as the amendment.